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Home Room Event Series

Learn about our diverse collection of ongoing event series, and discover something new. Whether it's music, crafts, comedy, or film, there's something for everyone.

After School Special

BLOK Pony Time N.O.W.

Every friday after school's out, Home Room welcomes you to a night of music. Every week you will get the chance to see 3 or 4 of the best local and touring bands in an intimate and friendly environment. The doors open at 9pm and the show runs 'til midnight. Admission is $5 (unless otherwise noted).

Comedy Cult

Dave Sirus Lizzy Cooperman Fogelfoot

A night of music, comedy, and weirdness brought to you every month by Dave Sirus, featuring experimental comedy from HBO, Comedy Central, and obscure basic cable channel comedians.

Craft Your Art

Craft Your Art Craft Your Art Craft Your Art

Craft Your Art is a free form monthly get together for synergistic productivity! We'll be sewing, knitting, hot gluing things, painting, and basically whatever project you bring down to work on. Need help threading mom's sewing machine? Bring it. Do you have questions about your sewing or art/craft project? We'll give you two cents. Don't work in lonely destitution; meet your fellow craft sisters and brothers!

Open turntables all night; bring your vinyl collection down! Your hostess is Amy. Please email her if you have questions:


Curious For Teacher

Dicso Bunny Dylan Doren Obscurer

Grant Capes from Echo Curio has teamed up with Home Room to bring you the cutting edge of new music with a twist in his series: Curious For Teacher. This series takes place on the first Thursday of every month with $5 admission.



a free performance of EXperimental, IMprovised, and OTher music from your host, Steve Touchstone from 6pm - 9pm on the second Sunday of every month.

Second Sunday Poetry Party

Second Sunday Poetry Party Second Sunday Poetry Party Second Sunday Poetry Party

Second Sunday Poetry Party is a monthly performance series hosted by Scott C. Kaestner featuring the finest poetic voices in southern California and beyond. Come dance, come play, come share, come feel the vibrations with us.

Sketched Out Sundays

Sketched Out Sundays Sketched Out Sundays Sketched Out Sundays

Join your favorite artists at Home Room as they work on one of a kind sketches right in front of you. Once completed, the sketches are displayed and offered for sale at a price anyone can afford. If you like it, buy it. It's a win-win situation; you get rad art and an artist gets to eat for another day!

Themed Acoustics

Penny Dreadful Tommy Santee Klaws Pam Schaffer

On one Thursday every month you will be given the rare opportunity to experience live acoustic performances in the art gallery. The performers are specifically chosen to pair with the current exhibition. Admission is $5.

Themed Film Screenings

On one Sunday per month we screen films in the public domain matching the theme of the current exhibition. Come see your favorite classics on our 92" screen and really big speakers. Free popcorn is included with $5 admission.

Themed Workshops

Themed Workshops Themed Workshops Themed Workshops

One day per exhibition, you are invited to participate in a special collection of workshops and fun related to the installed exhibition.