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SUPER TETRICIDE Opening Reception

Join us on Saturday, June 23rd for the opening of SUPER TETRICIDE. Play our interactive arcade, featuring a new generation of gamers embracing games and interactive media as an art form moving beyond a commercial product.

Event Details

Date & Time:
Saturday, June 23, 7:00pm - 11:00pm
Free before 9pm, $5 afterwards
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Featured Music

Kid Infinity
Kid Infinity
The origin of Kid Infinity is vague. Maybe they emerged from an interplanetary vortex, or from a rebellious childhood in the Midwest, or from a purple haze of sensory inspiration. Wherever they hailed from, now they find themselves at the crux of the LA underground.“Regardless of where you choose to partake in his audio ecstasy, the exhilarating electro-pop of Los Angeles’ Kid Infinity will take you back to the seediest club this side of Hollywood, where the strobe lights transfix you as much as the sweaty, flailing body parts of your favorite fling." -URB
EvilWezil is the cyberterrorist responsible for shattering chronostasis and splintering the timeline into countless irreparable possibilities. He is best known for kidnapping the supermodel-president Summer Sage in the year 3025. He appears to have no coherent goal, purpose, or agenda other than subverting normalcy and spreading the seeds of chaos and destruction. Possibly a genius, probably a madman, he leaves entropy in his wake wherever or whenever he goes. EvilWezil must be stopped!
Mega Crush
Mega Crush
A long beach solo chiptune artist who also runs the label Chaos Machina, "an 8 to 128-bit netlabel that focuses on putting out high-quality chiptune, lo-fi, electro or anything else cute enough to hug your pixelated soul."

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